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8-26-16 We went to Bear Run Campgrounds for our 2016 Summer Lab Retreat!

6-15-16 Our article titled Phosphorylated poly(sebacoyldiglyceride) - a phosphate functionalized biodegradable plymer for bone tissue engineering was selected as a Hot Article for 2016 and as such has been included in the Hot Article 2016 web collection for Journal of Materials Chemistry B which can be viewed Here.

4-05-16 We all got together for lunch to say a collective farewell to our friend and colleague Dr. Hassan Awada. Hassan is in full-on preparation mode for his rapidly approaching northwestward move to Michigan where a new job is awaiting him. Dr. Awada recently earned his PhD in Bioengineering after contributing to a great deal of research here in the Biomaterials Foundry. Thank you Hassan!

3-18-16 Our paper is on the cover of the Journal of Materials Chemistry B!

1-27-16 Check out our newest publication in Biomaterials, an in-depth review of cardiac repair and regeneration after heart attacks using controlled delivery proteins. This Article. discusses the different pathological changes that happen after myocardial infarction and the need to develop more comprehensive therapies to tackle these pathologies using relevant therapeutic proteins in a spatiotemporal manner.

11-18-15 The Biomaterials Foundry Team "Phoenix" Clinched The PInCh! Comprised of Lab Members Eric Jeffries, Chelsea Stowell, Daniel Long, and Yen-Lin Wu(not pictured here), Phoenix was a final winner for the 2015 PInCh Competition: Healthy Lives Matter Beginning To End. Contributers to Team Phoenix from outside the lab include Piyusha Gade and Prabir Roy-Chaudhury

10-19-15 Welcome new Grad Students, Peter Hwang and Yen-Lin Wu, to our lab.

9-19-15 Welcome new visiting scholar, Nurlan Mansurov to our lab.

8-19-15 Dr. Yadong Wang quoted in Chemical & Engineering News online article, Repairing The Heart With A Protein-Hydrogel Combo.

4-8-15 Congratulations to Rob Allen on winning the GPSG Leadership and Service Award for 2015 .

4-1-15 Welcome new post-docs, Soohyon Lee and Xiaochu Ding, to our lab.

4-1-15 Welcome new visiting scholars, Yefei Wang and Huang Yan, to our lab.

2-10-15 Welcome new undergraduate student, Angela Urban, to our lab.

2-10-15 The communication on "Micropatterning Electrospun Scaffolds to Create Intrinsic Vascular Networks" by Eric Jeffries has been chosen for Best of Macromolecular Journals, Edition 2015, as seen here Best of Macros 2015. The work is displayed on the inside front cover. This work combines 3D printing with electrospinning to create scaffolds to promote microvascular networks.

2-7-15 Congratulations to Dr. Yadong Wang on receiving the 2015 Carnegie Life Science Award. Carnegie Life Science Award recognizes and honors outstanding scientific advances in new and innovative biomedical and life sciences endeavors 2015 Carnegie Life Science Award .

2-1-15 Congratulations to Chelsea Stowell on being selected for Cardiovascular Bioengineering Training Program (CBTP), a highly competitive training grant awarded by NIH to talented students from engineering and other quantitative sciences for careers in biomedical research in the cardiovascular area Swanson School of Engineering, CBTP .

10-8-14 The recent publication by Eric Jeffries, Keewon Lee and Jimmy Clampffer in Macromolecular Bioscience was highlighted by Materials View. This work combines 3D printing with electrospinning to create scaffolds to promote microvascular networks.

9-1-14 Welcome new graduate students Daniel Long and Terry Kim

5-20-14 Congratulations to Mirrah Almira, Chelsea Stowell, Noah Johnson, and Eric Jeffries for their winning project, "Sealion" in the final round of the Pitt Innovation Challenge (PInCh). The team received $100k to translate coacervate growth factor delivery into bandages for faster healing of diabetic ulcers.

5-14-14 Welcome visiting Professor Jian Xiao

4-1-14 Congratulations to Noah Johnson for being selected to attend the 64th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeing. Link

3-24-14 Dr. Yadong Wang was inducted into AIMBE college of fellows by William Hawkins and Shankar Subramaniam.

2-14-14 Welcome visiting student Zhouguang Wang!
3-19-14 Check out our video submission for the Pinch competition to empower patients to have a role in recovery from diabetic ulcers.

12-11-13 What is this good for?

9-1-14 Welcome new students Mirrah Almira and Chelsea Stowell!

8-14-13 Congratulations to Noah Johnson for being selected to attend and present a poster at the Eighth Annual NIH National Graduate Student Research Conference.

6-3-13 Yadong Wang delivered the Dutch Heart Foundation Lecture titled, "Elastomeric grafts to generate neoarteries" at the First International Symposium on Vascular Tissue Engineering in Leiden, Netherlands.

4-23-13 Congratulations to Noah Johnson for receiving the Whitaker summer fellowship to study at Dr. Zilla's lab at the University of Cape Town.

4-12-13 Congratulations to Lisa Volpatti for receiving the NSF Graduate Research and the Whitaker International Fellowships.

3-18-13 Congratulations to Yadong Wang for his promotion to full-professor.

3-1-13 Congratulations to Britta Rauck for receiving honorable mention for the STAR (Student Travel Achievement Recognition) award for Society For Biomaterials 2013 Annual Meeting.

2-5-13 Welcome new lab member Jimmy Clampffer!

1-17-13 Congratulations to Lisa Volpatti for receiving the Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium Research Scholarship for spring 2013.

11-6-12 Welcome new post-doc, Kyobum Kim, to our lab

9-17-12 Congratulations to Lisa Volpatti for the acceptance of her abstract, "Fabrication of strong, porous PSeD scaffolds for applications in soft tissue engineering" for the 2012 SWE conference 2012 SWE conference. She is 1 of 10 nationwide given the opportunity to present.

7-31-12 Congratulations to Noah Johnson for being selected as the recipient of the BMES 2012 Design and Research Awards for “Controlled Delivery of Heparin-Binding EGF-Like Growth Factor Yields Fast and Comprehensive Wound Healing”

7-25-12 Wei Wu's and Robert Allen's recent publication in Nature Medicine Link was featured in Science Translational Medicine Editor's choice Link

7-12-12 Wei Wu's and Robert Allen's recent publication in Nature Medicine was featured in their latest podcast. Summary of the bioengineered vascular grafts begins at 5:39 in the podcast. Link

7-2-12 Welcome new lab members William Chen and Trisha Ambe!

6-26-12 Wei Wu's and Robert Allen's recent publication in Nature Medicine Link demonstrates the transformation of a fast-degrading polymeric scaffold into a cellularized artery. This breakthrough has been highlighted by several scientific news outlets Link

6-11-12 Zhengwei recently finished his fellowship in our lab and has accepted a new position at Bayer Shanghai. Good luck in the future

5-2-12 Congratulations to Noah Johnson and Hunghao Chu for winning first place at the 2012 CMU Summit New Venture Competition for their business proposal to commercialize a novel drug delivery platform. They competed against teams from other top universities for the $5,000 first place prize.Link

4-5-12 Congratulations to Noah Johnson and Hunghao Chu for winning first place at the 2012 Randall Family Big Idea Entrepeneur Competition. Their proposal consisted of using our drug delivery platform for the repair of damaged cardiac tissue following heart attacks. The $30,000 prize money will be used to advance this technology for commercialization.Link

3-30-12 Zhengwei recently published, "A Versatile Synthetic Platform for a Wide Range of Functionalized Biomaterials," in Advanced Functional Materials. Link

3-9-12 Zhengwei You's recent paper, "A functional polymer designed for bone tissue engineering," was listed as one of the most downloaded papers from Acta Biomaterialia. Link

3-7-12 Members of the Wang lab attended the 2012 McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine Annual Retreat at Nemacolin Woodlands.

3-1-12 Hassan is shown in a news article discussing the FDA's efforts to improve device safety. Link

1-31-12 Hunghao's work using a new growth factor delivery system to regrow blood vessels was featured in Pitt Med Magazine Winter 2011 pg10. Link

1-26-12 Xiaoping completed her fellowship in our lab and has returned to China where she will be at Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital Affiliated Shanghai Jiao Tong Univeristy School of Medicine. Thanks and good luck in the future!

1-20-12 Regrowth of blood vessels by new efficient growth factor delivery system is higlighted by the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Link

1-17-12 Pitt Magazine (Fall 2011, pg.5) highlights Dr. Hunghao Chu's PNAS publication. By using an efficient injectable delivery vehicle to administer fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF2), significant subcutaneous blood vessel growth was induced. Link